49 A genuine personalised Immi Happy Birthday Song

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Trialling a new concept in personalised Birthday messages. This is a genuine personalised Happy Birthday song from Immi to someone of your choosing. Whether that person be yourself, a loved one or a friend, this unique OOAK Birthday song is guaranteed to put a smile on your/their face. 

Made from cardboard, each ‘cassette’ measures approximately: 9.5x6.0x0.5cm/3.74x2.36x0.20in

*Please note that if the button is pressed for longer than a second, the Birthday message will be deleted/overwritten.

Each Birthday song lasts for up to 30 seconds.

(**‘Cassette’ designs may vary to that shown in the photos).

Immi will record each personalised song onto the ‘cassette’. To listen to the song, gently slide the insulator tab to the left, followed by a short press on the button (see photo). Once finished slide the insulator tab to the right. 

***Prior to checkout you will need to type in the name of the recipient.  If it is an unusual name please include a break down of pronunciation too.  Please type this information into the field on Immi’s website as shown in the photo or send an email including the information via The Emporium on Immi’s website.

****Please ensure that your item is ordered in a timely manner, products leave the warehouse up to twice per week but cannot be expedited.