Immi Davis is a 9 year old aspiring Pop Star with dreams of becoming a household name.

Immi lives in a small town very close to London in the UK, with her Mum, Dad and older sister Tia. Immi attends full time school, she has been singing since the age of 3 and taking 1-1 singing lessons since the age of 5, which is also when she began practicing singing for an hour most days at home.

More recently, Immi has taken her daily singing practice live on Facebook. Since April ‘19 Immi has been having vocal classes with her vocal coach Olga. Aside from Immi’s singing dreams, she is like any other typical 9 year old little girl who loves life.

Immi has a fondness for all types of play including arts ‘n’ crafts, imaginative play and having fun outside on her scooters, skateboard and bike. Immi belongs to a local swimming club.

Immi has experience in auditioning, acting, singing and performing on stage, at festivals, markets, busking, recording studios and virtually online. Immi has recently started taking piano lessons and is also learning how to play guitar.

Immi has been involved with performing arts groups, taken dance classes and been cast in a several local productions. Immi has recently shown a flair for writing her own lyrics to songs and is keen to start recording her own material very soon.

Immi has maintained her singing dream for such a long time now, she is highly motivated, driven and so passionate about it.

“Sometimes dreams do come true!”

-Immi Davis-

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Immi's Achievements

01 January 2021

During 2020 Immi competed in TeenStar, a national singing competition which takes place in the UK. Due to Covid the competition took place online and became global as a result.

From the off Immi had wonderful support from her followers, coupled with some amazing feedback from the judges, Immi eventually sang herself into the Grande Final.

Immi was thrilled to win the coveted People’s Choice Award. Immi was a deserved winner in everybody's eyes and the youngest competitor to compete in the competition.

06 March 2021

Immi auditioned for AGT. Immi was asked to sing a verse and a chorus A cappella of any song and she chose I Put a Spell on You.

In my opinion, she couldn’t have sung it any better! Maybe she will have better luck in the future.

20 March 2021

Immi was invited to sing live on the radio, on the Simply Brooker's Show at

Immi was excited to take part in an interview and sing a couple of covers.

21 May 2021

Immi has started busking live in various locations around the UK.

Immi's biggest achievement so far is receiving her busking licence from Westminster council. We believe that Immi is youngest person to have ever held such a licence.

17 August 2021

Today Immi has received huge positive feedback from Annabel Williams - The Vocal Coach (vocal coach to the stars).

The full interview with presenter Justin Dealey was aired live on the BBC Three Counties Radio.

22 August 2021

Lisa (Immi's Mum) was recently approached by Azza Atkinson (performance coach) offering Immi help to further her career.

As well as performance coaching, Azza lends a hand to many aspects of Immi's development.

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