There are many ongoing costs associated with Immi’s quest to become a household name. From singing lessons with Annabel Williams (one of the finest vocal coaches within the UK music industry) piano lessons, busking, travelling to performances, Sylvia Young Theatre School, recording studio time, production costs, website costs, music backing tracks, licenses, styling, festival fees, dance classes, musical equipment, performance coaching, promotional materials, music videos etc.

People have often asked if they can send Immi money. Should you wish to send Immi a monetary gift or donation this will be gratefully received and used to assist Immi in pursuing her dream, forging a career within the music industry.

To send Immi a monetary gift or donation, no matter how small, please click HERE

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Annabel Williams - The Vocal Coach

Annabel Williams is a world-renowned vocal coach, known around the globe as the vocal coach to the stars. Annabel is head vocal coach for Eurovision, The X Factor, BGT etc. making her one of the most sought after vocal coaches in the UK.

Since becoming a vocal coach Annabel has worked with many famous musicians and artists from all over the world, including Amy Winehouse, Katy Perry, Sam Ryder, Ellie Goulding and James Arthur to name but a few. 

Immi began being coached by Annabel during her time at BGT in March '22. Annabel went on to say of Immi "I still can't get my head around the fact that Immi is 9. In my 25+ years of coaching I have never come across a 9 year old with such maturity, range and power. Immi is exceptional and I'm proud to be her vocal coach".

Thank you Annabel, Immi is beyond proud to call you her vocal coach.

Find Annabel on her website:

Performance Coach

Immi is now looking for a new Performance Coach.

Do you know of a coach to the stars who'd be willing to take Immi on?

Immi’s Management

In August ‘21 Lisa Davis (Immi’s Mum) became Immi’s Manager. Previously at the age of 3 Immi was signed to Lacara Child Model Agency. Since then Immi went on to be signed by sole talent agencies Daisy and Dukes and afterwards Take One Agency. Still searching for her niche Immi went on to be signed by a management team promising to make Immi a Pop Star.

In hindsight, we have found that going it alone has opened more doors for Immi and given her more opportunities that may not have been accessible to her otherwise.

Immi's Strength

Understandably Immi’s parents (Neil and Lisa) are extremely proud of their little girl. They are Immi's biggest champions, they enable, encourage, guide and support Immi and her dream wholeheartedly.

Immi's parents strive to enable Immi at any given opportunity. From dedicating most of their free time to LIVE singing practices, creating performance opportunities, 'busking', promoting Immi, networking, collaborating, video creating for her social media platforms, hair, wardrobe, taxi, roadie etc.

Immi’s Empowerers

Immi is really fortunate to have the support of many many people.

These people, from all over the globe come together, often daily to support Immi during her fun singing practices. They engage with Immi and her social media content, they defend her, promote and champion her and more importantly, empower her. These people are the epitome of kindness and encouragement.

These people are Immi's Kings and Queens and are found in the Immi Davis Fan Club on Facebook and on Immi's Facebook page, often frequenting her Facebook LIVES. Within the Fan Club there is lots of behind the scenes material, including all manner of Immi related topics that Immi's empowerers are encouraged to post.

The Fan Club consists of a tribe of amazing people, otherwise known as the #ImmiArmy .

Immi’s Vision - The I Team

There is a small but growing team of dedicated selfless people that work tirelessly in front and behind the scenes for the love of Immi.

The I Team comprises of Angie, Venitia, Agustin, James, Rose and Teri. These kindhearted folk run and maintain the Immi Davis Fan Club and moderate Immi's LIVES and posts, essentially keeping everyone safe. They also liaise with new and existing faces, give input concerning all things Immi and so much more besides!

Agustin, Angie, Rose, Venitia and James.

are all crutial members of The I Team (Immi's moderating and admin team). One of their main roles is to keep Immi and you safe whilst visiting Immi's social media platforms.

Have you seen them around? They are happy to help if you have any questions.

Thank You!




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