There are many ongoing costs associated with Immi’s quest to become a household name. From vocal classes, piano lessons, busking, recording studio time, production costs, website, vocal styling, festival fees, dance classes, musical equipment, promotional material etc.

People have often asked if they can send Immi tips. Immi’s parents have always refused. However, should you wish to send Immi a monetary gift (donation) this will be used to assist Immi pursuing her dream which is forging a career within the music industry.

Should you wish to send Immi a monetary gift (donation), no matter how small, please click HERE

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Olga Vocal Coach

Immi’s vocal coach is renowned for being one of the best within the industry. Olga graduated from the prestigious Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music and then went on to work in musical theatre for many years and release her own music which she wrote.

Since becoming a vocal coach she has worked with many musicians and artists from all over the world. Immi has been having classes with Olga since April ‘19. Olga says “Immi is a super star in the making with outstanding vocals for her age. Immi is a name to remember!”.

Find Olga on Instagram:

Olga Vocal Coach

Performance Coach

Azza Atkinson has a vast amount of knowledge and experience of the entertainment industry spanning 30+ years. Azza has performed in the West End in The Lion King Musical and in Les Misérables. Azza has toured up and down the UK as a solo vocalist and toured for 8 years in Pantomime. He has worked on various cruises and also as an Entertainment Manager at a leading Holiday Park.

In July’21 Azza volunteered and became Immi’s Performance Coach, guiding Immi whilst drawing from his wealth of experience. Azza says of Immi

"Immi is without a doubt an upcoming star in the making. I’ve never seen such a young person be so passionate about singing in my whole career".

Watch this space, Immi Davis is coming through!

Immi’s Management

In August ‘21 Lisa Davis (Immi’s Mum) became Immi’s Manager. This led to the creation of The Immi Agency with Lisa's new partner in crime Azza Atkinson.

Immi's Strength

Understandably Immi’s parents (Neil and Lisa) are extremely proud of their youngest child and support her dream wholeheartedly. They strive to enable Immi at any given opportunity. 

From dedicating most of their free time to singing practices, promoting Immi, networking, video creating for social media platforms, hair, wardrobe etc.

Immi’s Empowerers

Immi is really fortunate to have the support of many many people.

These people, from all over the globe come together often daily to support Immi, they engage with Immi, defend Immi and more importantly, empower Immi. These people are the epitome of kindness and encouragement.

They are Immi's Kings and Queens and live within the Immi Davis Fan Club on Facebook and often frequent her lives. Within the Fan Club there is lots of behind the scenes material, including all manner of Immi related topics that Immi's empowerers are encouraged to post and a tribe of amazing people, otherwise known as #ImmiArmy

Immi’s Vision - The I Team

There is a small but growing team which work tirelessly in front and behind the scenes for the love of Immi.

Comprising of Angie, Georgia, Teri, Azza, Agustin, Rose and Christine, these folk run and maintain the Immi Davis Fan Club. They also liaise with new and existing faces at LIVES, give input concerning all things Immi and much much more!

Angie & Georgia

Would you like to be part of the I-Team?

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