47 A limited edition Immi/Lisa signed April 2024 Immi Davis Business Card

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Welcome to April ‘24 and this is an exciting month as it brings you the latest in the series of genuine signed Immi Davis business cards.  This particular business card is even more sought after than any other so far. Not only will it feature Immi’s signature, it will also be adorned with Lisa’s signature too! 

All proceeds raised from the sale of each signed Immi Davis business card goes towards the hosting and maintenance of Immi’s official website.  

This particular genuine signed Immi business card makes for an ideal gift, starter card or collection completer for your Immi business card collection. Each Immi business card has been personally selected by Immi, lovingly signed by herself and then placed inside  a clear polypropylene card sleeve for added protection inside a carded envelope. Various designs to collect!  Collect them all or buy individually for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.